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Professional Development and Hands-On Workshops for Early Childcare Educators


We offer various active hands-on workshops!

We offer 1 - 3 hour workshops; let us know what your needs are! Please call or email to schedule your workshops!

  • Professional development within your facility.
  • Workshop sessions at educational, conferences.
  • 5K Warmup Activties, Exericse Entertainment and more!


Our workshops can include:

  • 20-50 active games, exercises, sports skills, yoga stretches, obstacle courses, imaginative activties, and partner drills.
  • Games with noodles, balls, beanbag, scarves, socks, hulahoops, dinosaur shells, parachutes, ribbons and more.
  • Live videos demonstrating the activties.
  • A dynamic, hands-on learning experience on ways to implement exercise for children 2-6 years of age.
  • Current background on health statistics, and the link between exercise and academics.
  • Equipment and music resource guidelines. Active handouts to use in the classroom.
  • Group discussions.


Current workshop offered for 2010 / 2011 :

FIT FUN FOR THE LITTLE ONE: games for 2-6 year olds Learn how to incorporate exciting exercises, imaginative play, and music to develop physical, social, inter-personal, and emotional competence. Learn more then 25 games and activties that you will be able to apply throughout the day.

Learning objectives of this workshop

  1. Employ techniques and strategies to promote social development, active exploration and movement for young children within the classroom or larger rooms.
  2. Learn how young children like to move; and learn how to effectively apply interval training.
  3. Learn how to use a variety of equipment and music to help encourage gross motor skills, rhythm, cognitive learning, proprioception, hand eye coordination, balance and strength.
  4. Identify guidelines for developmentally appropriate exercises and games for 16 months through 6 years of age.
  5. Learn current research and statistics regarding our youth's health and the important links to exercise and learning

"In a time when so much emphasis is placed on state test scores and college preparation begins in elementary school, children may not have much time for exercise and healthy living. Let's Play Today fitness classes are a solution to this growing problem and give children an outlet to have fun while exercising and learning the importance of taking care of their bodies at a young age. I whole heartedly recommend these fitness classes to children of all ages!"

- Lindsay Esmond, School Counselor


May 12, 2010

The workshop was excellent! Yvonne was energetic and well versed in health and exercise! I really learned some creative exercises for my 4-5 year old students inside and outside of the classroom.

A Happy Attendee from FIT FUN FOR THE LITTLE ONE workshop


"Kindergarten Kids in Motion is my son's favorite class. Yvonne Kusters is a great fitness instructor!"

- Dawn Noromos