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LET’S PLAY TODAY® at your facility!

We love inspiring children to move and to be healthy. Our instructors will bring all of the equipment, music, and fun to your center – we’d love to be a part of your team!

Our specially designed program blends fun games, imaginative exploration, sports, tag games, manipulative skills, and yoga poses with exciting music to build healthy skills for life.  Our curriculum combines cognitive lessons regarding shapes, colors, numbers, animals, alphabet recognition, weather systems, and more while simultaneously working gross motor skills, balance, coordination, endurance, and flexibility. Students involved in the program will use a variety of equipment such as the parachute, scarves, beanbags, hula- hoops, pool noodles, balls, and many other creative materials.

We offer several options:

  • Enrichment classes during the school day
  • After-School classes
  • Summer Camp Classes

Do you need a gym program during the school day? Programs can be structured to allow students to participate in class twice a month, once a week, or every day! A class traditionally lasts 20 - 30 minutes for 8-16 children. A minimum of one hour of instruction is requested. Our programs are flexible and can accommodate your schedule and needs!

  • YEAR LONG GYM CLASSES Students can attend programs for the entire school year
  • SIX to EIGHT WEEK SESSIONS Classes are also available in shorter sessions for more flexibility
  • PROGRAM FEES Program fees may be covered either directly through the school or by the parents as an additional learning experience

Afterschool classes:

Typically, afterschool classes run for 6-8 weeks and are paid for by the parent ahead of time. The registration forms will be sent home to the student’s parents several weeks before the start date. The forms can then be submitted at the school and collected by LET’S PLAY TODAY® instructor. Dependent on location, tuition for class is traditionally $10 a class, which equates to $60 for a six- week session. Classes maintain a minimum of six children and max of 15. If you have the space available, then LET’S PLAY TODAY®!

Summer Camp Classes:

Bring an active fitness program to your summer camp! LET’S PLAY TODAY® offers programs for three to twelve year olds. Sessions run for 25 minutes to1 hour long for 8 -30 children at a time depending on age and space.

October 2010

I love the enthusiasm of Yvonne and how she relates so well to the kids. She makes the actiivties fun, age appropriate, non-competitive and engages the kids to improve gross motor skills. They don't realize they are even exercising!

Preschool Teacher


October 2010

Very well organized program. The children are motivated from the moment they walk through the gym door. They are always asked to participate. The teacher always uses positive reinforcement. Yvonne constantly builds a child's confidence and self-esteem. During gym class there is always a designated theme. They are continually learning as they are playing, running, and jumping. The children leave the gym class with a big smile and look forward to the next time they have class.

Preschool Teacher