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Learn how to teach children's fitness classes!


FOR FITNESS PROFESSIONALS or exercise enthusiasts who love working with children

Would you like to become a LET'S PLAY TODAY® instructor? Thinking about starting a kids fitness business? We are here to help! We love what we do and feel fortunate to share our opportunity with you. Start making a healthy and positive impact on our youth, have a blast working with kids and manage your own business at the same time! LET'S PLAY TODAY® provides everything you need to feel confident and ready to start implementing and teaching children's fitness. Please email or call us with any questions!

The LET'S PLAY TODAY® training program is a comprehensive course that will guide you to successfully develop and implement a fun, exciting, physically active program for children ages three through six. This course will show you how to effectively keep the class organized, how to get all children involved, and how to encourage good listening skills through our kid-tested activities. Learn the skills to deliver an effective, appropriate, and exciting program for children that will have an empowering impact that will last their lifetime.  

What's included:

  • The comprehensive manual for teaching children (see below for the details)
  • The LPT® curriculum: lesson plans which include: games, exercises, transitional ideas, activity tips and warm up/cool down activities.
  • Live videos of each activity and game.
  • Fun activity handouts and nutritional tips for children to take home after class.
  • Low cost resources for our favorite music and gym equipment.
  • Use of our LPT® logo, class descriptions, class names etc.
  • Marketing Material: professionally designed banner, brochures and flyers.
  • Coaching Calls.
  • Placement on the LPT® website.



  • Learning Objectives - important skills for young children to develop
  • Exercise Benefits
  • Surgeon General's Report Summary on Physical Activity and Health
  • Daily Dose of Exercise
  • Early Childhood Physical Development – components of physical fitness
  • Important Aspects of Movement for Children- interval training, repetition, and    stages of movement development
  • Injury Prevention and Safety Guidelines
  • Yippee Factor - getting children excited to move and be active
  • Listen Up - follow directions, pay attention, and have fun at the same time
  • Movement and Action Words
  • Guidelines for Physical Education
  • Fitness Discussion Topics
  • Physical Activity Check List


The LET'S PLAY TODAY® training program provides a twelve week curriculum comprised of 45 minute lesson plans with more then 50 activities. The lesson plans are broken into the following categories: songs, freeze activities, tag games, manipulative skills, gross motor development, and imaginative movements. These activities can be modified, altered, and repeated over and over to create endless movement ideas! There are also additional free activities on our member page for you to supplement your lesson plans!

Our curriculum combines cognitive lessons regarding shapes, colors, numbers, animals, alphabet recognition, and more, while simultaneously working gross motor skills, balance, coordination, endurance, and flexibility. You will learn how to use various types of equipment such as the parachute, scarves, beanbags, hula- hoops, pool noodles, and other creative materials. Follow the unique active adventure lessons, and you will learn how to turn a story into an energetic experience, which builds social, cognitive, and emotional skills.


Each mini video will guide you through each activity from start to finish.  Also included are separate videos that demonstrate our Super Cool Rules, warm up activities, and ideas to end class. You will be able to experience firsthand the structured, yet flexible, approach towards teaching children's physical movement.  The LPT® videos will show you how to get children moving and involved through fast and easy directional cues and quick organizational techniques. You will be able to review and practice the lesson in your own home while watching each video with its corresponding outlined lesson plan.  


The coaching calls consist of several 30-minute phone calls with one of the directors of LET'S PLAY TODAY®. These calls are designed to get you started, to answer questions, to provide additional strategies, to offer teaching tips, and to provide guidance so that you are confident and ready to start implementing the LET'S PLAY TODAY® program. Once you purchase the LET'S PLAY TODAY® training program, you will be able to schedule these coaching calls and be on your way to teaching children's fitness classes.


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Additional Cost (not included in training program):

  • EQUIPMENT: You will learn where to purchase specific equipment at lower costs, how to make some of your own equipment, where to find complimentary supplies, and other cost-saving options.  Estimated investment for equipment: $200 - $250
  • MUSIC: We'll tell you about our favorite tunes and where to get them! Estimated investment for music: $50 - $100
  • T-SHIRTS: $10 per shirt – all instructors must wear while teaching.




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Here is a very informative one sheet about the importance of guided play. Click here to download it (PDF)

May 10, 2010

Dear Yvonne, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for agreeing to be a performer at my annual Children's Expo. Needless to say, the children were thrilled to participate during your exercise program and during the entire event at your exhibitor's table. It was a pleasure to meet and speak with you following the Expo. I would like to personally thank you, once again, for your generous support of this event.

Sincerely, Robert "Tommy" Tomlinson State Senator