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Elementary School


Get involved...

with this after school program created to offer elementary school kids the opportunity to be active, to stay healthy, and to have fun! Our action packed classes include relay races, partner drills, and team building games. We take many different sport skills, such as dribbling a basketball or kicking a soccer ball, and we blend them together in a fun obstacle course or partner relay race. Also, we use a variety of equipment for each class and have over 100 different programs that keep our classes new and exciting! We include fun props like our inflatable tie-dyed guitars, maracas, and clown noses, which get us laughing and moving at the same time.

During each class...

Kids will develop their cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, balance, flexibility, and confidence. Our age appropriate activities are played in a safe, non-competitive, empowering environment. This method allows children to learn and develop many skills and enables them to appreciate aspects of all sports without playing for a team.

Our inspiration...

comes from watching kids do what they love best play. The FIT KIDS program makes exercise FUN and encourages kids to keep moving. Kids will love making fitness a lifelong habit!


If you are interested in having an ACTIVE and HEALTHY program at your facility - then Let's Play Today!!

Contact us by phone 267.342.0633 or by email at info@letsplaytoday.org


"In a time when so much emphasis is placed on state test scores and college preparation begins in elementary school, children may not have much time for exercise and healthy living. Let's Play Today fitness classes are a solution to this growing problem and give children an outlet to have fun while exercising and learning the importance of taking care of their bodies at a young age. I whole heartedly recommend these fitness classes to children of all ages!"- Lindsay Esmond, School Counselor